July 22, 2008

Quick book thoughts

The prince trilogy by Elizabeth Hoyt

It seems that many people liked The Serpent Prince the most, but the dueling thing didn’t really grab me. Still, an enjoyable read. The Leopard Prince I would have liked more without the whole sheep mystery angle, but I really liked Harry and Georgina together. The Raven Prince requires a certain level of disbelief – he doesn’t recognise her despite the half face mask? But even with that, I thought it was a good read. Overall, a pretty compelling series: I read each book more or less in one go and they were all smokin'. *fans self.* I read them out of order with The Serpent Prince first, but it hardly mattered, there’s not a lot of mention of the other men in each book. I get the buzz now and the new series has moved higher on my to read list.

Moon Shadow by Lucinda Betts

This sounded intriguing from the summary, but the system of magic didn’t really work for me, and I mostly skimmed through this. Sokaris is a love wizard, in need of a magical apprentice to aid her in casting her spells and making potions, etc. In particular, she's working on something to help rape victims, as there have been a string of recent cases. Gage is a low-ranking level wizard
whose marriage has broken down because of his alcoholism. He's looking for a job and answers Sokaris' help-wanted ad. Despite the hot factor, the technical/scientific take of the magic and spell casting didn't appeal to me (protein receptors, molecules and the like – kinda made by eyes glaze over.)

Royal Brotherhood series by Sabrina Jeffries

An okay series, I think it got better as it went along. Three men find out they are half brothers with the same biological father, The Prince of Wales. The last book,
One Night With a Prince is the only one that I'll probably be able to remember down the road. Is it just me who gets into the habit of reading a series back-to-back? I gotta say, I was quite tired of seeing the word ‘impudent’ by the end of the third book. Suggestions from MS Word thesaurus: insolent, brazen, impertinent, presumptuous.

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