June 23, 2008


Wow. I'm grinning away here - what came in the mail? A $100 cheque from the BC government for something I've never heard of, the $100 Climate Action Dividend. Their intent is for it to go towards green measures, but I think part of it will be funding a few books... hurrah for random free stuff.

June 21, 2008

Judith Ivory book woes

The first Judith Ivory book I randomly selected to try was The Indiscretion, which I found when I discovered my library’s ebook service. I enjoyed it, and eventually got around to reading the other two ebooks available – Untie My Heart and Black Silk.

loved Untie My Heart, and have been scouring some of the local used book stores for a while now, to see if I could score a copy. Her books seem to be out of print; the only one available on amazon.ca and chapters.ca is Angel in a Red Dress, which is actually a reissue of an older book, Starlit Surrender.

So far, my local search has yielded NO results – I haven’t found any of her books, let alone that particular title in any of the used book stores. I know it’s available online, but I wanted to see if I could find a local copy rather than go through ebay and/or the other book sellers, because they’re all in the US and mailing costs can get pricey for just one item. I thought about trying Bookmooch, but I don’t have a great inventory of books that I want to get rid of. And Paperbackswap is for US residents.

Since I’m getting a bit impatient, I’ll probably end up buying a copy online. With further research, I’ve found that Judith Ivory has health problems, which is why she hasn’t published anything recently. I’m not sure if it correlates to her books being out of print and harder to find - that's on the publisher's end, right?

I’m frugal when it comes to buying books, which is why I'm an avid library user, but I’d gladly plunk down money for my own new copy of
Untie My Heart if it existed. But, it's a definite keeper for me, so I guess any copy I can get my hands on will have to do.

June 18, 2008


Ah, first post. Don't know if I'll be updating this frequently, but I thought a place to help me keep track of what I've read was in order. I'm fairly new to romance, and it has become quite addictive reading.

I haven't read that many books in the genre - under 100. But standouts for me so far are Devil in Winter (Wallflowers book #3) by Lisa Kleypas and Untie My Heart by Judith Ivory. Devil in Winter was a fast read. The pairing of Evie and Sebastian was the one that seemed the most interesting to me, of the series. I loved how their forced relationship evolved and seeing how caring Sebastian could be.

Untie My Heart was a pleasant surprise - I'd just gotten into reading ebooks, which is how I discovered Judith Ivory. Her books seem to be out of print, so all of her books I've tracked down were ebooks. The confidence games were a new angle (to me, anyway) that I liked. And the unusual first encounter - I'll admit I liked it, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

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